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Caubble Family



From the time of my consultation with Carolyn, I knew this family session was going to be fabulous! Carolyn had seen my work and was inspired to do something very fashion-style, which is of course right up my alley. When we got together, it was the men’s first time being exposed to me and my work, so I was surprised at how quickly they were able to get comfortable with what we were doing. The rest of the session just came together to produce this magic.

Everyone’s favorite became the custom Black-and-White of the entire family.

Afterward, Buddy gave me some of the highest compliments I’ve received as a photographer. Why? Because he expressed the heart of what I do. “We’ve done some things that we’ve spent a lot more on and enjoyed a lot less,” said Buddy. “This was just a great experience for me.” A great experience, capturing the heart of family. What could be better?

Madison Henley – William Laurence Senior Model

Meet Madison, one of our fabulous 2016 Senior Models! Madison is from South Pemiscot High School in Steel, MO.


Madison is definitely a classy individual. Her casual manner and easy poise lend themselves to a serene kind of inner beauty that is always in style.

Madison is at home in the city. She’s so comfortable in urban environments that I chose to shoot her against a variety of city-scene textures and colors, and she shined everywhere we went! She even inspired me to experiment a bit and shoot in locations that are not my norm. The results? Well, see for yourself.

Despite her modern sensibilities, Madison also comes alive in nature. We finished her amazing session in the great outdoors, catching rays and making magic.


Sadie: the new face of Petite Madame

Congratulations to Sadie Brown, daughter of Andrea Brown, and winner of our Face of Petite Madame contest! Our contest was held in conjunction with Sugar and Spice Children’s Boutique in Jonesboro, AR. Sadie, age 10, is a lover of art and all things beautiful (hence the Sugar and Spice wardrobe). Andrea describes her as sassy and sweet, and after meeting her I can attest! But she’s more “sugar” than “spice”, we discovered during this delightful session where we laughed and played around and created magic!

Without question a girly-girl, Sadie nevertheless enjoys some action on the field as well — she plays softball and volleyball, and even cheers! But her love of art became the theme, and the basis for many of the creative decisions about her shoot. “Oh, I trust your judgement,” said Andrea during their consultation. Those word are like high-octane fuel for the Creative Team here at William Laurence! 😉

Sadie later told her mom,

It was amazing! I love how he was so fun. It was fun because if you did a position that he liked he would say, “Yeah!” “Stay there!” and then, “Bam!” 

She also noted that…

It’s just you alone when you do it, so you don’t have to worry about what other girls think. And he can make (the background) different colors, shift you, have you do different poses and stuff to make the pictures great!

The results were stunning, personal and quite moving. I definitely felt myself creating art as I listened to the photographs I captured in camera and then carried select images further through my Art Proofing Process. Andrea and Sadie agreed. As we came back again and again to what became her favorite image (below), Andrea said, “I love it! It makes me want to cry every time I see it!” And Sadie commented that “when we met to see my photos I thought they turned out amazing!”

THAT’S what we love to hear!


Andrea, a beautiful lady and wonderful mother — it’s easy to see from where Sadie gets her inner and outer loveliness — shared her thoughts on their Petite Madame Experience.



    I would like to thank you again for everything. The whole experience was incredible. I love that Sadie had the opportunity to express both her inner and outer beauty through this process. Your ability to capture beauty and expression in each portrait is simply a gift that few have. I enjoyed getting to watch my sweet little girl grow and blossom right before my eyes as you lured beauty and poise out of her with each shot. From the first conversation with you it was very apparent that you were passionate about showcasing the individual characteristics of each girl. This poured over into your intentionality in choosing outfits, hairstyles, and makeup. The photo session itself was very flattering for Sadie with everything from a private dressing room to the encouragement and support that you gave throughout the session. The viewing of the photos was perhaps my very favorite part. As a mom, I got to see my daughter in print, every aspect of who she is was captured in some way. The detail to expression and how you made her eyes and thoughts come alive is remarkable. I stared at many pictures with tears in my eyes as I saw my little girl transforming into a beautiful lady, a petite madame. Your work is to be praised. Thank you for this opportunity. 



I am incredibly blessed to be able to create meaningful art not only for but with our wonderful family of clients! Sadie, you are truly magnificent!

A special thanks to Alexandria, an invaluable part of the creative team at William Laurence, for her expert styling, assistance and brilliant editing. Also to the Vue Salon and Spa for the beautiful hair and makeup artistry (always amazing!). And, of course, to Sugar and Spice (stop reading now and go and shop there. Seriously.)

Real People of Jonesboro: Karissa


Meet Karissa. I did, while enjoying some pasta at a local Jonesboro restaurant. Karissa was my waitress that day. While ferrying dishes and busting tables, Karissa certainly wan’t representing at her personal best. And yet her unique beauty came sparkling through the environment of bustling staff, clinking silverware and the low buzz of voices. After casually observing her throughout my meal, I simply offered her a business card, explained what I love to do, and asked her to give me a call if she was interested.

What I love to do, by the way, is show people themselves…differently. I believe deep in my core that there is a unique beauty inside every person, and that if through my lens I can reflect that beauty, I can give them a tangible reminder that they are brilliant. No matter how they look on a given day. No matter how they feel at the moment. No matter what life throws at them. Brilliant at their essence.

I walked away from that brief, erstwhile meeting with Karissa wondering if she would simply drop the card in the trash; she had no reason to expect that I was anything other than the average guy calling myself a “photographer”. Or worse, a creep. Instead, the following week, I got a call and we began the conversation that produced some of the most rewarding work I’ve done to date.

Karissa is 22 and has only been in the US for 4 years. A surprise to me, since she speaks perfect English. Karissa was born and raised in China, and came to Jonesboro to study Accounting at ASU. She’s working at a local restaurant during her senior year, and will graduate soon. While we prepared for her session, Karissa confided in me her dream of becoming a model.

Karissa is an intriguing soul. She feels like a person living poised between two worlds. There is the obvious reality of the relatively rigid, structured society of her homeland, China, which also has it’s own particular beauty and flavor…and the relatively loose, relaxed society of America. But I see this poised duality in more subtle ways. Like the fact that she loves watching old movies, which is something of a surprise from a sartorial point-of-view because her sense of style is definitely current while steering carefully clear of being trendy.

Obviously at home in the city, Karissa says that she loves to be outdoors, enjoying the lake and being surrounded by nature. Karissa loves the changing of seasons, here. “We don’t have that so much in China,” she says with her never-far-away laugh.

Shooting with Karissa was like a dream. Her subtley of expression and flexibility made her practically flawless. I had to ask her 3 times if she’s ever had model training. Karissa has an Incredibly sweet spirit. Her fresh and open attitude is much of the reason that she communicates so well in front of the camera.

Karissa’s response

“It’s like a fairy tale!!! So beautiful!! I’m about to cry now. This is extraordinary. I wasn’t expecting this much when we were shooting! You are so very creative! I feel way more more confident! Super powerful confident! I didn’t know I could do this much! I can’t wait to shoot with you again! Seriously!”

Karissa is a perfect example of the kind of people that we bump into, barely glance at, honk our horns at, or simply largely ignore on a daily basis. People full of life and love and beauty. People from just across the street or halfway around the world. We, each of us, carry a world of wonder inside. Real people with real lives that are brilliant, disguised as merely “average”.

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